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How Stampfeet and Fidel increased customer engagement by 20% with card-linking

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London, UK
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Asaf Rozin has been doing digital engagement since the dawn of the smartphone.

Way before today’s tech was even a twinkle in the eye, the CEO and co-founder of Stampfeet spotted an opportunity. He knew the game was about to change. Suddenly, brands had a whole new way to engage with their customers – so Asaf started Stampfeet to help them do just that.

Stampfeet has been perfecting the art of taking traditionally offline programmes digital ever since. Asaf and his team specialise in building solutions that get businesses closer to their customers. Over the last ten years, they’ve implemented branded customer engagement solutions that drive retention and loyalty with the likes of Giraffe, Crepeaffaire and Sodexo.

The challenge

But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. While working with retailers, there was one challenge that came up again and again. Integrating with Point of Sale (POS) systems so that brands could see customer spend and reward them for that spend proved difficult. Many of the retail brands that Asaf and his team were working with had tens or even hundreds of retail stores. They each used different POS systems, and that meant that every single one had to be integrated and maintained separately.

And there was another difficulty. Linking customer payments with store loyalty programmes caused too much friction. The receipt data from the POS had to be combined with a customer loyalty number – and the only way to do that was to ask the customer to show their loyalty card or scan a QR code at checkout. It was overly complicated for customers, and engagement was suffering as a result.

The solution

So Asaf started looking for ways to bypass the POS integration. That’s when he found Fidel.

Consumers can now link their payment card to Stampfeet with just a couple of clicks. Using Fidel’s SDK means they don’t have to navigate away from the Stampfeet app, and the process slots neatly into the sign-up progress. Whenever they use their linked payment card at a Stampfeet conscious businesses, both they and the businesses are notified in real-time. From Feb to Apr-19, Stampfeet saw the number of consumers connecting their card increase 4x.

Card-linking allows him to get hold of customer purchase data without impacting the checkout experience. With Fidel’s API, customer and purchase data is fed directly into Stampfeet’s member management and engagement platform. It means Asaf doesn’t have to depend on retailers’ in-store IT systems, and it’s pretty much out of the box - one integration. Using Fidel, Stampfeet has seen an average 20% increase in the number of active programme members, compared to other programs using traditional tools.

It’s also been a huge help as Stampfeet has expanded into the USA. In the US market e-commerce is huge – so Stampfeet’s ability to support multi-channel operations out-of-the-box is a big plus. Traditional operations usually only cater for one channel (either online or offline), or require specific integrations for each.

The Future

Stampfeet was one of Fidel’s first customers, and two years later, we’re still working together.

Stampfeet is continuously looking for new ways to make customer engagement more seamless as Stampfeet expands into new industries. At Fidel, we’re happy to be helping drive that change.

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